Feathered Horse Classic at The Expo Center

The Henry/Stafford East Tennessee Agricultural Exposition Center, often simply referred to as the “Expo Center,” is one of Roane County’s hidden gems. The Expo Center opened in 1990 and is a part of Roane State Community College’s Roane County campus. The Expo Center is the busiest arena in Tennessee and brings an impressive amount of tourism into Roane County. The Expo Center hosts dog shows, a popular rodeo, many equine events, and more! Most events are free, making them perfect for fun family outings! Although the Expo Center will not be hosting any events for the rest of the year due to the current pandemic, they are hoping to reopen at the beginning of next year or possibly sooner should the situation change. For now, however, the Expo Center is celebrating their last event of the year, and there’s still time to check it out! 

This weekend, the Expo Center is excited to host the Feathered Horse Classic for the first time! This event stars the Gypsy Vanner, a stunning breed with a rich history. Gypsies in England and Ireland sought the perfect horse to pull their caravans, so they began breeding horses with desired traits. The result was an easy-going, feathered horse with a beautiful, flowing mane. While Gypsy Vanners still aren’t the most common breed, they have spread from Europe and can now be found in countries around the globe. The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society was founded in 1996 and has promoted this breed ever since. Gypsy Vanner lovers agree that this special breed deserves more attention, and just once glance at this beautiful breed will show you why. 

The Feathered Horse Classic prides itself in being “the largest & longest pure bred Gypsy horse show series” and has been going for 15 years and counting. With shows across the United States and even an annual show in Canada, the Feathered Horse Classic is important for the Gypsy Vanner community and fans alike. People came from several different states, including Florida, Texas, and Colorado, to make this weekend’s event possible. Liberty and Driving are two favorite parts of the show for both participants and attendees. While this is the Feathered Horse Classic’s first event in Roane County, it may not be the last—the show manager is hoping to come back next year for an even bigger event.   

The Feathered Horse Classic continues on Sunday, August 30th beginning at 7:30am. For more information about the Feathered Horse Classic, Click Here.

For more information about the Expo Center, Click Here.


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