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A Bird’s Eye View of Roane County

A Gorgeous Sunset at Lakeshore Park, Photo by Aaron Brandon

Nestled behind the iconic Kingston TVA Steam Plant, Lakeshore Park is one of the best birdwatching sites in the region. Birds can be seen throughout the park, whether they be swimming in the water, hopping beside the trails, or soaring in the air. Even a quick stroll through the park reveals why this park is one of the most-coveted birdwatching sites around. 

Lakeshore’s pedestrian bridge is a great place to unwind.

Lakeshore Park, featured in our new outdoor guide, opened in 2014 and sits on a serene peninsula on the Emory River. The park is now one of the best birdwatching areas in the entire region. In addition to being a safe haven for wildlife, this park also offers many recreational opportunities. There are miles of scenic trails for walking or bike riding, multiple fishing piers, kayak launches, a boat ramp and dock, and picnic areas for a peaceful lunch in the great outdoors. Located just a few minutes from I-40, this park not only makes a great destination, but it also makes a relaxing stop if you are travelling through the area, especially for bird-lovers.  

A greater yellowlegs at Lakeshore Park.

According to Waxwing Eco Tourism, there have been 90 bird species seen at Lakeshore Park in the past 30 days—and that’s only what has been reported! Included in this lengthy list are several species highlighted in our outdoor guide, such as the black-crowned night-heron, bald eagle, great blue heron, and osprey, all of which are associated with Roane County’s waters. Both great blue heron and osprey nests can be seen from the walking trails, providing a special experience for birdwatchers and non-birdwatchers alike. The river is not the only place to find fascinating bird species, however. 

Keep an eye out for red-winged blackbirds when you visit Lakeshore Park.

Within the trees and grasses of Lakeshore Park are a striking number of songbirds and other species that aren’t as comfortable in the water. When walking or biking the trails, you may run into a flock of chipping sparrows, hear the raspy call of a gray catbird, or find a pair of cedar waxwings flying between the trees. Other species found within the park are the beautiful yellow-throated warbler and the brown-headed nuthatch, a tiny, delightful bird that lives almost exclusively in the Southeast. These are only a few of the many bird species to look for at Lakeshore Park. With birds around every corner, don’t forget to bring your camera, binoculars, and field guide for an exciting adventure at Lakeshore Park.  

Find more fun outdoor activities and download our outdoor guide at https://www.roanetourism.com/get-outdoors/  

For more information about birdwatching in Roane County, visit http://www.roanetourism.com/get-outdoors/soar-in-roane/  

A sampling of the many bird species you can spot at Lakeshore Park.
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Lettuce Meet Up At Our Local Farmers Market To Celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week!!

Your summer plans have probably been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. With events being cancelled left and right, what can you still do during a pandemic? Visit a farmers market! Farmers markets make a great excuse to get out of the house, get outdoors, and find fresh, delicious produce. Wherever you are in Roane County, you’re never too far from a farmers market, making this the perfect summertime outing. So, we encourage you to join us in celebrating National Farmers Market Week (Aug 2-8, 2020) at one of our local farmers markets!

Harriman Farmer’s Market

The Harriman Farmer’s Market at David Webb Riverfront Park has been a part of the local community for over 10 years. Home to friendly people, flavorful produce, and fantastic deals, it’s no wonder why this market is a county staple. The local farmers bring a variety of fresh produce to sell, from tomatoes and cucumbers to cabbage, okra, blackberries, and more! You’ll find unbelievably great deals on the produce here, making it the perfect place to save money and eat local. Not sure what to do with your fresh fruits and veggies? Head over to Harriman Farmer’s Market’s Facebook page for recipes that use the produce found at the market. Whether you like your produce by itself or mixed into a dish, you’re bound to find something your taste buds will enjoy!

Fruits and veggies aren’t the only items being sold at this market, however. You may also find handcrafted knives, handmade aprons, engraved signs, handmade jewelry, and more! You can even chat with the artisans while browsing their talented work. Whether you’re an early riser or enjoy sleeping in, this farmer’s market has you covered. Harriman Farmer’s Market is open from June-September on Wednesdays from 2-5pm and Saturdays from 8am-noon. A lot of the produce sells quick, so be sure to arrive early or on-time to buy the faster-selling items. If you can’t make it earlier, don’t worry! There is still great produce and artisan products to find, and you may find that it’s less crowded and easier to talk to the farmers who are selling their produce. If you’re interested in being a vendor at this market, now is the perfect time to join! Because of the financial impact that COVID-19 has had on so many people, Harriman Farmer’s Market has waived all vendor fees this year! So, whether you’re wanting to purchase produce or sell it, head on over to the Harriman Farmer’s Market for a great, small-town experience!

*Saturday August 8th at 10:30am Sparky “The Fire Dog” will be at the Harriman Farmer’s Market to talk about fire safety! Bring your kids out for a fun day at the Farmer’s Market where they can learn about fire safety, enter a watermelon eating contest, pickup a craft to go, and play some fun yard games in the Park!

Kingston Lakeside Farmer’s Market

There’s a new farmers market on the block, and you need to know about it! Kingston Lakeside Farmers Market is brand new and already enjoying success. There are typically 25-30 vendors at this market, with each one being different from the next. Here, you can find a variety of flavorful, locally-grown produce, ranging from squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers to artichokes, muscadines, and herbs. Most of the produce is picked the day before the market, giving you some of the freshest produce around. If the delicious produce wasn’t enough, Lakeside Farmers Market is bursting other great food finds. Stroll around the market to find candy, jams, breads, meat, eggs, honey, and so much more—all locally made or harvested! This market is a foodie’s dream come true!

Food isn’t the only thing you can find at this market, however. Many of the vendors sell handmade specialty items you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world! At Lakeside Farmers Market, you can purchase flower arrangements, jewelry, indoor and outdoor décor, soap, dog treats, clothing, dryer balls, stationary, and, again, so much more! These vendors are extremely talented, and most have a wide selection of products to choose from. This market is the perfect place to purchase presents for birthdays, holidays, and, of course, yourself!

Kingston Lakeside Farmers Market can be summed up in one word: community. This market was truly formed with the community at its heart. It brings artisans, farmers, and customers from across the community to one place. This farmers market is a great place to meet new people who share a love for Roane County, fresh food, and handmade items. This connectedness is a favorite aspect of the market, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When events are getting cancelled left and right and everyday life is being interrupted in many ways, Lakeside Farmers Market is a wonderful way to have fun and connect with people on a regular basis. Kingston Lakeside Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday through Labor Day from 8am-11am.

In addition to helping the community, Lakeside Farmers Market also makes a positive impact on the planet. One of the biggest environmental impacts this market is making is by reducing the emissions that are caused by shipping items over long distances. Another positive environmental impact is found on the local farms. While many of the farms haven’t undergone the pricey process of organic certification, most of the farmers use the same or similar environmentally-friendly practices. You’ll find their “almost-organic” produce to be much fresher than the produce found in grocery stores, and you’ll also have the pleasure of supporting local farms. Shopping local doesn’t get better than this!

*Shipwreck Food Truck will be at the Kingston Lakeside Farmers Market Saturday Aug 8th from 8 am until 11 am. They will be set up in the KUMC Clothes Closet Parking Lot. Come See Us!

For a full calendar of upcoming events, local favorites, and more visit www.roanetourism.com or find us on social media!

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David Webb Riverfront Park Celebrates 21 Years!

gazebo2Today, the City of Harriman, celebrated 21 years at David Webb Riverfront Park.  And of course, the namesake and man behind the park – David Webb – was honored, along with friends and family who built memorials or gardens to make it the park it is today.  This marked the 21st anniversary of the opening celebration on October 18, 1998.  David talked about the history of the park and showed a slideshow of where it started to how and what it is today.

Interesting details about the park that I didn’t know – a $10,000 grant from TVA got the park started, while bricks used for the fountain came from the former Emory Gap School and flag pole from the old post office.  A large number of businesses and individuals over the years have donated plants, playground equipment, materials, and labor; and specifically, the first piece of equipment for the playground was donated by Roane Medical Center and the entire property where the park is located was donated by Christmas Lumber Company.  Dr. Julian Ahler was instrumental in building the gazebo where so many special moments have been made – whether it was the crowning of Miss Tennessee Polk Salad, being the backdrop for a beautiful wedding, or a celebration like today.  It truly has been a community effort.

The Tennessee Polk Salad Festival was held in the park for many years in the spring and at one time was not only one of the most unique festivals in the region but also one of the most popular.  People flocked to the festival to see antique cars, buy handmade and local goods, listen to bluegrass and gospel music, and of course – enjoy a mess of poke sallet cooked up special for the day.

There were other days where people flocked to the park – special Veteran’s Day ceremonies, Sunday afternoon concerts by the Babahatchie Community Band, movies in the park, and the ever-popular Cobbler Fest where you could try any flavor of homemade cobbler!  And David Webb and his wife, Mildred were not only there to enjoy every moment but were also there ahead of time to get the park ready and do whatever they could to make it perfect for the community.

Riverfront Park fountain & pavilionAnd that was in addition to David and Mildred running a large local country store – Rocky Top General Store.  David has certainly left his mark, not just on the city and the county, but also on visitors and people passing through Roane County.  He is the best ambassador for all things good in the county, and in fact, he had us set up a ‘satellite visitors bureau’ at the general store so he could provide brochures and information to visitors, along with his famous free popcorn.  And if anyone had the pleasure of being there when a group tour bus pulled in – well you know, he loved having Rocky Top blaring from the speakers when the bus pulled in the parking lot.  The store has sense closed to allow David to “retire” but all of us that know him know that word doesnt really exist for David.  In fact, he already has ideas for what to do on the expanded property at the east end of the park under the overpass.  He thinks he would like to build a waterfall for everyone to enjoy!

The park includes a walking trail, playground, pavilions (available for rent), park benches, fishing pier and a number of memorials honoring military, fireman, police and more.  It is also home to Harriman’s Farmers Market held in the summer on Saturday and Wednesdays.  For more details visit VisitRoane.com.

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Rollin’ on the Riverfront

If you’ve driven through Harriman, you’ve crossed over the bridge that runs over the river. Did you know that underneath that bridge and to it’s left and right, there’s a BEAUTIFUL park? David Webb Riverfront Park is a labor of love created by a team of volunteers led by David Webb, longtime owner of the beloved Rocky Top General Store. The park features a moving tribute to war veterans as well as monuments dedicated to the heroism of our police and fire departments.

The park features a brand-new playground and dock, walking trail, picnic pavilion and events gazebo. What more do you need? Perhaps our favorite part about David Webb Riverfront Park is that it’s home to some of Harriman’s most beloved events including the Farmers Market, Cruisin’ and the increasingly popular Cobbler Festival!

Farmers Market – Every year from June to September, local farmers, beekeepers, jam makers, crafters and baker gather together under the new pavilion to offer their wares to the public. Offering a great local alternative to grocery stores, the farmers market is a gathering place where shoppers form relationships with local growers. Be sure to get there early or you’ll miss out! Some of the best honey, strawberry freezer jam, bread and tomatoes I’ve ever bought came from my friends at the farmers market.

Harriman Cruisin’ – Coming up on June 9th, Riverfront Park will be the gathering place for many an antique auto owner! Cruisin’ will kick off at 3pm as classic and specialty cars cruise in to show off! Bring the family down to see some amazing cars, chat with the owners, stroll through the park and enjoy what Harriman has to offer! If you’re free, meet us afterward at the Princess Theatre for a screening of “Smoky and the Bandit!”

Cobbler Festival – Entering its 3rd year, the Cobbler Festival is growing into the role of Harriman’s signature event! Competitors will fill the gazebo on Saturday, July 28 as they go head-to-head for the title of Best Cobbler Baker! Last year, we saw creative entries like bourbon apple bacon cobbler, traditional peach cobblers and everything in between. From sweet to savory, you never know who will have the edge at this year’s competition. Tickets will be on sale to sample the cobblers and vote for your favorite. Don’t forget to check out the vendors set up in the park too! If you’re lucky, you may just find a little ice cream to go with your cobbler!

If you’ve never been or if it’s been a while, make your way down to David Webb Riverfront Park this summer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what an amazing hidden gem it truly is!

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What’s Cookin’ at Copeland’s


Copeland’s of Kingston
A Taste of the Good Times in Life!

If you have not visited this restaurant…you’re going to want to put it on your list.

When Jeremy Copeland  decided to open his restaurant the goal was to have the most accurate rendition of America’s classics from coast to coast.  Jeremy’s mantra: “I always believe if you’re gonna do something, do it right.”  And, boy, he does it right in the kitchen!  The restaurant, located a mile off I-40 exit 352, is a throwback to a classic diner of the 50’s & 60‘s – complete with a juke box, nostalgic art decor, and gingham tablecloths.

You’ll find ‘ole fashioned favorites for breakfast, such as:

  • French Toast:  Grilled & Dusted with Powdered Sugar, Choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham
  • Banana Pecan French Toast:  Topped with Pecans, Banana Slices & Carmel Sauce
  • 3 Egg Omelettes:  Choice of Grits or Hash Browns, Choice of Toast or Biscuit, Butter & Jelly

For lunch and dinner take your pick from a variety of burgers, salads, sandwiches, and hot dogs; the menu is endless.  Copeland’s burger creations are so unique and melt in your mouth delish.  I have to say my personal favorite is the baked potato burger (1/2lb Burger Covered with Cheese, Bacon & Fries, with Special Dressing).  The secret is in the that dressing – amazing!  They are known for their homeade chips, you’ll want to place an order for those.  I should also mention that every night they feature different specials – when I went a couple weeks ago it was ribeye and slow-cooked ribs!


Just do a quick scan of the menu to see all the yummy-ness Copeland’s has to offer. Whether you’re dining in or carrying out…Copeland’s is a Kingston favorite you’ll not want to miss. Follow them on Facebook for specials and loads of more up-to-date info. If you have a favorite dish, let me know in the comment section below!


A little known fact:  Uniformed officers always receive a 25% discount on their meal.  This includes on duty police, fire fighters and military personnel.

Hours of Operation:
(closed on Sunday)


  • Monday–Friday: 7:30am–11am
  • Saturday: 7:30am–12pm

Lunch & Dinner

  • Monday–Friday: 11am–8pm
  • Saturday: 11am–7pm

104 Martin Street
Kingston, TN 37763

Phone:  865-376-6766

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A Beautiful Weekend at WhiteStone Inn

My husband and I celebrated our two year anniversary enjoying the lovely, inviting, breath-taking views of WhiteStone Inn. Located on Watts Bar Lake and just 30 minutes from our home in Harriman, WhiteStone Inn is described as a “sanctuary for the soul” – and I can attest it is just that.

When you look on their website for directions, there’s a quote that I thinks sums it up quite nicely.
“Whitestone is sequestered from the outside world; it’s far enough into the country to shut out the distractions, but close enough that the journey is not a burden.” While it was a short driving distance, we felt as if we had escaped to a retreat of utter relaxation.  Our room was nicely decorated, comfortable, and the porch was a perfect spot to soak in the gorgeous sunrise.

The property, a 600-acre AAA 4-Diamond bed and breakfast, resembles a village, complete with farmhouse, cottage and southern lodging.  While we were there, Daniel and I canoed on the lake, played a competitive game of ping pong and cornhole, hiked one of the winding trails, enjoyed a carriage ride around the area, went fishing at the bass pond, and ate…very, very well.  The food at the Inn is delicious.  By the way, you don’t have to be an overnight guest to enjoy their dining – simply call up and make reservations for an evening of fine cuisine with beautiful views.  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the AMAZING massage I had during my stay…hands down one of the best I’ve had.

There are a whole host of other activities there at the Inn, we’re wanting to go back to try the rest! Thanks to the WhiteStone staff for helping us celebrate our anniversary in comfort and class.


Whitestone Country Inn
1200 Paint Rock Rd, Kingston, TN 37763
email: info@whitestoneinn.com
phone: (865) 376-0113 or (888) 247-2464

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The Roane Alliance Office Gets a Makeover

Yesterday the Roane Alliance hosted an open house to unveil the new and improved office space. And, I have to say, it is so fresh and inviting! They are in the same spot as they have been for years, right off I-40 exit 352, but the inside got a facelift. The pictures pretty much say it all.

Thank you to the following Chamber members for making this renovation a reality: Cloth & Chair Interiors, CDI Services Inc., GLA Services, Garrett and Sons Flooring,Browder’s ACE Hardware & ACE Cabinet Center for hardware and paint, local photographers Eric Barger & Paul Mashburn for the artwork & the UPS Business Center for the canvas & printing.

For more before and after pics check out the Roane County Alliance Facebook page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Whether you’re a resident or just a visitor passing through, the Roane Alliance office is a place where you can find more information about Roane county sights and activities. It’s a one stop shop for everything Roane. I mean, just look at all the brochures…

Did you know that the Alliance has Roane SWAG for sale? Next time you’re driving by, stop in and take a look at the cute water bottles, stickers, and lake bags!


The Roane Alliance is Roane County’s economic development organization. It is an umbrella organization over both public and private organizations, including the Roane County Chamber of Commerce, the Roane County Industrial Development Board and the Roane County Visitors Bureau. For more information about the Alliance, click here.

Roane Alliance contact information:
865.376.2093 or 800.386.4686
1209 N. Kentucky Street, Kingston, TN 37763

In other Alliance news, the Roane County Chamber recently announced two new additions to its growing team.

August 15, 2014:  The Roane Alliance Expands Chamber of Commerce Program

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The world’s longest yard sale — close to home!

This past Sunday I was able to catch the tail end of the 127 Yard Sale. About a 30 minute drive west on the I-40 Interstate (now this will depend on where you are in Roane County) will put you in Crossville, TN and the famous Highway 127. Every year about this time, people from all over the place come and set-up shop. And, yes, it’s a yard sale that is 690 miles long and the route travels through 6 states; Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Wowza!

If you haven’t been to the 127 yard sale, you need to experience it – especially since it’s so close to home. You can find all sorts of treasures! I picked up a few mason jars and a wrought iron basket. There are good eats along the route too: corn on the cob, BBQ, homemade fudge, ice cold lemonade, the list goes on. Make sure to wear comfy shoes and bring a book bag to carry all your purchases because you could hike up and down this road for miles…literally.

On our route Sunday, we also stopped in the Cumberland Mountain General Store. Full of antiques, delicious candies, and an ice cream parlor in the back! I could have looked around in there for hours. Such neat items.

World’s Longest Yard Sale

Website:  http://www.127yardsale.com/

Dates:  August 6-9, 2015



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A Day in the Park

I spent a couple hours at the Roane County Park in Harriman park running, walking, and sitting on the bench watching the ducks in the water and the kids on the playgound. I love the park – the water, the walking trail, the swimming area and splash pad, the disc golf course, the wildlife, the grilling stations…it’s just so peaceful.

There are areas to fish and swim and shelters to have a picnic.  There are tennis and basketball courts.  There are so many activities to enjoy!

Before we all hibernate for the winter, I encourage you to take time out of your day to soak up the sunshine at the park. Beautiful!  Click here for more information.


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Shopping Around Town: Part I

I have enjoyed wandering in some of the quaint shops around downtown Kingston recently. Though there are several more shops I plan to feature on the blog, I decided to start with these three as I was just in them this week.  So stay tuned for shopping Part II…

  • Smokey Mtn Mercantile  (Click here to like and follow them on Facebook!)

If you want to find antique gems in good condition at an affordable price, you’ll want to stop here. Regina Walker, the owner, has a fully stocked inventory and is always freshening the store with new items.  The store is closed on Saturdays until school starts back up, so she’ll be back to her normal Saturday hours very soon.  Lovely owner and a lovely store!

M-F  10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sat  10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

101 E Race St
Kingston, Tennessee

Phone:  865- 207-7010

  • Shabby White Owl  (Click here to like and follow them on Facebook!)

A couple steps down from the Mercantile is the Shabby White Owl boutique that opened up about 3-4 months ago.  Cutest monogrammed purses, bags, jewelry, beauty products.  Just a great selection of gifts and personalized goodies.  I also hear they are planning to open another room toward the rear of the shop to showcase furniture, home decor, and clothing lines.

M-F  10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sat  10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

105 E. Race Street
Kingston, TN

Phone:  865-603-9272

Owner:  Annette Leamon

  • Cloth and Chair Interiors  (Click here to like and follow them on Facebook!)

I can’t get enough of this store.  Located next to Food City in Kingston, this is your one stop shop for all things jewelry and home decor.  Stop by this boutique and you’ll see chic lamps, luxe candles, one of a kind jewelry, and gorgeous statement peices for your home.  Kari Openshaw, an East Tennessee Interior Designer, runs her studio within this cute little boutique.  So you can schedule an appointment with Kari or grab a quick gift!  Kari and her staff are super helpful, knowledgeable, and have an eye for design.

Tue – Sat  11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

1000 Ladd Landing Way
Kingston, Tennessee
Phone:  865- 376-3114